Rail freight: the business case  

  • Rail uses considerably less fuel per tonne than road haulage
  • Each freight train removes between 43 and 77 HGVs from the road
  • It builds resilience into supply chains by increasing delivery options
  • Rail freight avoids and reduces traffic congestion
  • It dramatically reduces operators’ carbon footprints

Mersey Multimodal Gateway container port  

  • Linked directly to West Coast Mainline
  • The port can accept up to twelve trains per day
  • Construction of four new rail reception sidings will increase capacity to SIXTEEN trains per day
  • 12 minute vehicle turn around – the fastest in the UK
  • 1,100 vehicles handled per day
  • 24 hour operation 5 days per week
  • Secure storage for over 6,000 containers
  • Four rail-mounted cranes with automated container positional and recovery system and advanced GPS planning and tracking system