Site Plan

Planning consent for 1.4 million sq ft of industrial and logistics buildings with up to 40m eaves height


Biomass power at Viking Park

Biomass plants generate renewable electricity by burning waste wood and similar products to provide continuous ‘green’ energy.

  • Biomass accounts for over 80% of renewable power in the UK
  • Unlike wind and solar, it is non-intermittent so gives businesses the reliability they demand
  • Its carbon footprint is negligible
  • The plant at Viking Park has the potential to meet the energy needs of all occupiers
Proposed Mersey Gateway

The new Mersey Gateway Bridge

Occupiers at Viking Park will benefit from direct access to the new Mersey Gateway Bridge, due to open in 2016. This £431million project will:

  • Cross the river around 1.5 kilometres to the east of the Silver Jubilee Bridge
  • Provide three lanes across the Mersey in each direction
  • Be a tolled crossing
  • Further enhance supply chain resilience for operators based at Viking Park